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Vagnoni 2016 Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG - certified organic

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Tasting Notes

Ah, Chianti. Synonymous with the straw basket around a round bottle called a Fiasco, which at times may have rang true to its name. Fortunately times have changed and we are seeing much more elegant, well made wines that are seriously good.


Chianti has been around for quite a long time and dates back to the 13th Century, however it is a little different to how it was produced then. The Vagnoni Chianti from the Coli Senesi region produces a ruby red colour with a complex pansy flower and red berry nose. A full and elegant palate follows this that’s savoury yet fruit driven and overall is a real delight.


Enjoy Me With

Regardless of what you match it with, Chianti demands food. Whether it has been a long day and you just want some Taleggio on toasted sourdough, or it's date night and you choose impress with a handmade egg pasta served with finely shaved black truffle and pecorino - this wine is able to be matched from the simplest to the most luxe of foods. My personal choice for the Chianti would have to be an all Italian Quattro Formaggi (Four Cheese) Pizza, yum!


This really is an old world style of wine that gets better when given time to open and enjoyed with food.


- Jeremy.


Vineyard in Focus

Fratelli Vagnoni is exactly what you picture when you think of the perfect Tuscan Villa surrounded by vineyards that produce stunning wines. The Vagnoni brothers vineyard consists of 20 hectares planted that produce Sangiovese, Vernaccia Di San Gimignano, Chardonnay, Vermentino, Canaolo and Merlot. The vineyard has achieved the highest rating in the Italian rating system of DOCG. A combination of traditional wine production techniques are used to create the wines; which includes fermentation in open concrete tubs, stainless steel as well as the use of oak for maturation of a selection of both white and red wines. Modern techniques are also now also being utilised to ensure the quality and consistency of their wines.