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Russolo Pinot Grigio 2017 Ronco Calaj

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Tasting Notes

A lovely example of a Pinot Grigio that is most certainly not your run of the mill; it's elegant and full in aroma as well as palate weight. Find fragrant peaches and jasmine flowers on the nose. The palate is influenced by 5 - 6 months on lees to create a smooth creamy texture, where I taste nectarines, white peaches and floral characters. The acidity is fresh and bright. What I love most is the textural quality which differentiates this Grigio from the lower end of the market. 

Enjoy Me With

Due to the lees contact, the acidity, fruit and lifted aromatics, the wine is really versatile when matching with food. Prosciutto, fresh cheeses, whole roast fish or even a roast pork would match particularly well. The textural quality of the wine is fantastic and would make for a great start to an enjoyable lunch - Jeremy.


Vineyard in Focus

Azienda Agricola Russolo has been in the Russolo family since the late 1800’s, with the family being known as pioneers of wine making in the Province of Pordenone, just north of Venice.


The winery relocated in the early 2000's to San Quirino, a village to the west of the Italian region of Friuli. This region is characterised by the Pordonese Dolomite ranges. The terroir is much like a mountain valley floor, with cool winds and constant temperature. This combination ensures great acidity, minerality and a fruit driven element. Russolo wines are created with quality in mind, hand picked, with careful wine making practices that preserves the characters influenced by terroir and the grape varieties selected.