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Produttori del Barbaresco 2015 Langhe Nebbiolo DOC

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Tasting Notes

Produced from 100% Nebbiolo of lighter grapes from several vineyards within the appellation, this vintage produced an intense full bodied wine with lovely dark fruits on the nose. The spicy notes and dark fruits dance around your taste buds. It has a floral quality to it, with fine tannins and delicate complexity. The wine spends 24 days thin skins on in concrete tanks at a warm 28˚C.  Malolactic fermentation has also been used and its evident in the wines lifted aromatics and silky texture.


Enjoy Me With

The desire to drink something awesome that’s also affordable. Whilst its not the cheapest, it punches far beyond its price point and is an occasion within itself.


This wine could be consumed by itself, although I find it becomes more expressive with food. Hard cheeses like Ossau-Iraty or aged Manchego are an excellent match for something simple. Hearty meat dishes, such as braised short ribs and the like are also great. However, the match that I tend to go for is a rich fatty goose; simply roasted this makes for a great combination. Oh what a wine - Jeremy.


Vineyard in Focus

One of the most phenomenal stories from a wine growing sub region, that saw a group of small growers band together to create a cooperative that produces wines of incredible quality that are internationally recognised. As Produttori del Barbaresco says, 50 families, 250 acres in the heart of the DOCG appellation. One Grape. Nebbiolo. One Wine. Barbaresco.


The cooperative has a history of over a century and has faced many challenges, including closing and over coming fascist economic rule to then re open in 1958 as Produttori del Barbaresco. There are nine single vineyard Barbaresco's that can be produced from nine classic premium sites which are geographically named.


Barbaresco is located in Piedmont, North Western Italy. Grapes are grown between 200 to 400 meters above sea level on complex soils and a continental weather pattern which is characterised by hot summers, a moderately warm spring and autumn and snowy cold winters. In a great vintage up to nine single vintages are produced as well as a Nebbiolo Langhe.


With so much history and many different wines and vintages to talk about, I could keep you here for days.