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Herve Kerlann 2015 Chablis AOC

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Tasting Notes

Fresh floral and citrus notes leads to embracing minerality on the palate with a lively abundant finish, with an average vine age approaching 30 years, the quality of fruit from this vineyard is exceptional. Historically proven winemaking techniques combined with modern applications showcases a complete wine.

Enjoy me with 

Whilst a French wine would naturally make you lean towards French food, lets jump the border and head to Spain. One of our all time favourite dishes is the Catalan fish stew otherwise know as the Zarzuela (pronounced Thar Thew La). Characterised by the firmest of white fish, fresh mussels, in season aromatics including garlic, fennel bulbs, saffron, Chorizo, white wine thyme and a plum tomato base, the Chablis cleans the palate and leaves you with the desire to be in Spain.



Established in 1678, Herve Kerlann was and still is one of Burgundies most distinguished properties, with many Dukes of Burgundy calling it home and the historical magnificence has continued into the 21st Century. The current custodian of Maison Kerlann is adventurous, motivated to produce some of Burgundies most complete wines. We are excited to be a part of this on going journey or at least drink it.