Di Lenardo Refosco 2017 Friuli DOC

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Tasting Notes

Refosco is an old grape varietal rarely seen in modern wines that originates from the Venetian zone of Fruili. It’s a bold varietal that shows a strong tannin presence. I would say this wine is no different to exactly that, however the use of malolactic fermentation does work to soften the bolder tannin structure.


Ruby in colour with currents and wild red fruits on the nose, leading to a palate that is delicious with plums, currents and wild berries. If you like heavier styles of wine like Shiraz or Cabernet with bright fruits then this might be a great wine for you to try next.


Enjoy Me With

Cured meats, full bodied cheeses like aged hard cheeses and Gorgonzola are a great pairing for this wine and a perfect way to end the night. Also try it with grilled meats or meats that have a marinade. Any rich dishes will pair really well with Refosco as it has the body and weight to stand up to those flavours. Enjoy - Jeremy.


Vineyard in Focus

A family owned vineyard in the heart of the Fruili region of North Eastern Italy. The estate wines are produced from five large family owned vineyards in Ontagnano,  with additional grapes also sourced from Aquilieia and Manzano. A standout feature of the Lenardo winery is its commitment to quality and sustainability. Fully handpicked grapes combine with modern techniques result in wines of great quality that are offered at incredibly affordable prices.