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Contini Vernaccia di Oristano 2005

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Tasting Notes

A wine that has been highly celebrated and awarded in Italy, is incredible, unusual and simply delicious. This could be my favourite wine at the moment, but it's certainly not for the faint hearted.


The Vernaccia di Oristano is made using an ancient style of wine making, which presses the juice into chestnut barrels that are three quarters filled. The wines are then left to age in the dusky, cool, half light of the cellars. The barrels, being three quarters filled, develop a natural flor yeast on the top of them, which acts as a protective layer and imparts a sherry like flavour.


The wine has a golden yellow to amber hue due to the wine being impacted by oxygen. It has a lovely rich nose of orange blossom, bitter almonds and hazelnuts. It's a very full bodied wine which is extremely nutty and orange blossom is also present. It's velvety smooth and rich.


Enjoy Me With

I know I talk about the versatility of wine a lot, but I think this one takes the cake. It's so unique and stretches from an Aperitif by itself, to a multitude of lightly grilled to heavier seafood style dishes, chicken, pork, lots of cheese and even dessert..... Not many wines that can do that! 


The great thing is that at 15% and already being oxidised it can last open for several weeks. If you like full bodied sherries and oxidative styles of wine you will absolutely love this wine as much as I do. 


- Jeremy.


Vineyard in Focus

Here at St Urban Wines, we love wines from Sardinia and in particular Contini. Founded in 1898, it happens to be one of the oldest and most prestigious wineries.


Four generations have overseen the production of wine over 120 years, which began with Vernacchia Di Oristano and was later joined by various other varietals. This winery has evolved with time, continuing to improve by adding new winemaking techniques and ideas. With an organic philosophy, the family oversees approximately 100 hectares of vines along the Sinis Peninsula, Tirso Valley and on the slopes of Mount Arci. Vineyards span many different areas with various soil types and micro climates, allowing different grapes to be grown and creating incredible individuality.