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Cantina Valle Isarco Kerner 2015 Alto Adige DOC

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Tasting Notes

A fascinating hybrid created in 1929 by crossing Trollinger, which happens to be a red grape varietal, and Riesling. The result is the Kerner, which has a lovely natural acidity much like a Riesling, however has far more body.


This wine displays an interesting nose of both grapefruit citrus and apples, it is slightly tropical and has a muscat floral character. On the palate find lovely fresh orchard fruits.


If you like fuller bodied whites and enjoy exploring different varietals, then this will be a great new experience for you.


Enjoy Me With

Due to its fuller bodied nature, you can match this wine with a broad range of food. I suggest whole roasted fish, Asian style spicy dishes, or my personal Sunday favourite - a roast chicken dusted with Italian herbs and stuffed with lemon.


Another quirky and interesting Italian varietal that will liven up your white wine drinking experience. It is simply fantastic and I cannot recommend that you try this enough.


- Jeremy.


Vineyard in Focus

Cantina Valle Isarco is located in North Eastern Italy on the border of Austria and Switzerland, in a region known as Alto Adige / South Tyrol. The winery originally began in 1961, founded by 24 members. Today there are now 120 members from 11 municipalities from all over the Isarco Ranges.


The grapes are grown between 300 and 950 meters above sea level, across 140 hectares. Due to the cool climate, white grape varieties flourish in this region and as a result, Cantina Valle Isarco produces about 10 different varietals of white wine and only a handful of red. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring this range of wines and we hope you do too.