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Bruzzone Valpolcevera Bianchetta Bunassa 2017 DOC

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Tasting Notes

If you haven’t heard of the grape variety Bianchetta Genovese don’t worry we hadn’t either until we had the opportunity to try wines from Bruzzone.


This wine is made 95% on the Bianchetta Genovese and the remainder is Vermentino. The Word Bunassa in the Genovese dialect refers to a calm and still sea. The grapes are pressed on site and transported directly to the winery, placed straight into tanks for cold clarification and then fermented with wild yeasts. This stays in tank resting for six months before bottling. A lovely ripe apple note greets me and is rather intense on the nose. The palate is savoury with a salty element; combined with hints of lemon and green apple; and overall is quite lovely.  


Enjoy Me With

This wine is extremely rare and not often found outside of Northern Italy. The delicacy of the wine combined with its citrus and salty qualities means it works well with fresh vegetables.


Keep it simple and this wine will delight.


- Jeremy.


Vineyard in Focus

Andrea Bruzzone has a passion for food, drinks and family - much like we do.
Perhaps this is one of the reasons we like his wines so much! As a result of his passion he opened his Enoteca (Wine Store) in 1991 selling wines from all over Italy and Europe. The Enoteca was established in Genoa Bolzaneto in North West Italy, at the same location, he set aside space for tanks and casks for the production of wine.


Andrea Bruzzone relies on multiple growers for him to produce wines of various grape varieties, some of which are more well known including Barbera, Dolcetto and Vermentino and some lesser know varietals of Bianchetta, Bosco and Rollo.


The Valpolcevera DOC is in the province of Genoa. The wines are extremely rare coming from outside of Liguria. Coronata is a sub region of Valpolcevera and the vines are grown on an area of less than one hectare, which means the wines are produced in very small quantities. Grapes for the wines are harvested and pressed on site and left on skins for several days before being transported to the Enoteca where the remainder of the wine making process occurs.


I hope you enjoy exploring some of the wines produced.