Who is St. Urban?

Well we’re glad you asked, St. Urban is a French saint and bishop famous for escaping religious persecution in 374AD and fleeing into a vineyard. From there he developed a warm affinity with all things wine and became the patron saint of everyone who works in the wine industry.

Meet Your Drinking Advisors

Jeremy Kode

Jeremy​ ​Kode

An infatuation of wine, Tasmania, food, travel and convivial times is what lead Jeremy to create and found St. Urban Wines. Originally from South Africa, Jeremy embraced the Tasmanian landscape at the age of 10. He finished school and set off again to study at the International College of Hotel Management in Adelaide, next followed a study tour in Valencia, Spain. On a cultural crusade Jeremy moved to Shanghai to gain experience in all areas of restaurants, food and beverage. Having worked in large international 5 star hotels, a restaurant company as a General Manager looking after multiple outlets as well as reinvigorating a large hotel cocktail lounge bar. With this immense knowledge and desire to achieve he moved back to Tasmania to open Geronimo Restaurant and Aperitivo Bar.

Mark Gordon

Mark​ ​Gordon

Originally from New Zealand, Mark moved to Australia back in the late 80’s. After working for major hotel groups his interest in wine was ignited, this was formalised through undertaking a degree in wine marketing at the University of Adelaide. The desire to return to the cooler climates of New Zealand lead him to explore the wine industry in Tasmania and over the last ten years he has worked in leading vineyards, niche retail/distribution wines and leading restaurants and bars across the state. It was in this capacity that he met Jeremy and came on board to help Jeremy’s dream come to fruition.