Wines of the month | Alpha Box & Dice

Written by St. Urban Wines

Wines without boundaries – regional, varietal or stylistic. Wines whose entire raison d’être is to be delicious and to express the minutia and complexity of site and vintage conditions. - The vision behind Alpha Box & Dice. 

Located in South Australia, Alpha Box & Dice is focussed on creating wines of sincere quality and interest. Sourcing only the best fruit possible from farmers and experimenting with varieties that are often undiscovered in Australia.

Our top Alpha picks

1) 2016 Palmetto Shiraz $30.00

An absolute winner of a wine -  the Palmetto Shiraz is well structured, elegant and juicy without being too bold. The Palmetto has a great dark cherry colour which follows to a sexy nose of vanilla, dark chocolate and spice. 


2) 2016 Tarot Grenache $30.00

A lighter fruit-driven style of Grenache that has an interesting toffee apple and mocha nose all which follows on to a bright raspberry spice and candied fruit palate. All in all, a lively wine with great fruit expression and the perfect easy Summer red.


3) Zaptung NV Prosecco $25.00

The quintessential party starter - fresh, bright and made in the dry Italian style. Transport yourself to Italy with this Alpha Box & Dice Zaptung Prosecco and serve yourself up an Aperol Spritz - our recipes here