The Prosecco you need to put in your Aperol Spritz

Written by St. Urban Wines

The Aperol Spritz cocktail embodies an orange that is unmistakable, one that lights up the moments and is best enjoyed with company. 

Quite partial to the ol' Aperol Spritz, we have found the perfect Prosecco to use in this classic wine based cocktail. 

Introducing the Alpha Box & Dice Zaptung Prosecco.

This fizz, made in a dry Italian style is the quintessential party starter. Fresh, bright and a pretty white flower nose which moves through to fine bubbles, soft spices, white flowers and pears on the palate.
Leaving your palate cleansed and ready to continue drinking (we're no fool).

The very important ingredients of an Aperol Spritz: 

  • Grab a white wine glass, fill with ice
  • ¾ fill with Zaptung
  • 30mls of Aperol
  • A splash of soda and garnish with an orange wedge
Do you feel like you’re in Italy yet?